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Curly Nikki

Fits of PJism

By Curly Nikki One Comment

So, I relapsed. It’s been a while since I’ve tried something new. But all this Product Review writing has really been testing me… I’m not about to try a new product, but I’m definitely about to re-visit an oldie but goodie 😀 As you know, I gave away my mostly unused bottle of SheaMoisture Shea Leave-in to Koffee, the winner…

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By Curly Nikki 11 Comments

-How long have you been natural?I’ve been fully natural for 10 months (I transitioned for a year). -What is your regimen?It depends on how I’m wearing my hair at the time. When I wash n’ go, I conditioner wash every morning. When I do twists, I do them on damp hair with Cantu Shea butter leave in. While in twists,…

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Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo

By Curly Nikki 5 Comments

This is my fave shampoo…for now. I’ve been using it for several months now, and I’m pretty impressed. Since I regularly use a conditioner that contains Amodimethicone (DevaCare One C…my BOO!!), and my favorite heavy butter, Shea, I’m overly conscious of build-up. Remember, if you’re not using products that contain silicones (ingredients ending in -one, -xane, -ane), you don’t have…

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Castor Oil- A Dry Hair Miracle

By Curly Nikki 24 Comments

Looking for other ways to seal in the goodness of that leave-in or moisturizer? The gorgeous ladies on and are finding solace in Castor Oil. I’ve tried it in past years, but I wasn’t ready for it, lol. At the time, the aesthetic of my hair was wayyyy more important than health, and I didn’t want to use…

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By Curly Nikki 3 Comments

-How long have you been natural?It’s been 21 months. My B.C. was February 24, 2007 -What is your regimen?Daily, I try to manipulate my hair as little as I can: I’ve been wearing twist and twist outs; On Friday I DT; on Saturday I put my twists in using natural hair care organic twist and lock gel; and hairveda whipped…

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What the Curls Frame…

By Curly Nikki 8 Comments

I’ve received many requests to post my skin care routine. This isn’t about naturally curly hair…but it’s just as important! If you’ve taken the time to ensure that your hair is naturally fly, it’s only right that it’s framing a clear and glowing face 😀 Like my hair regimen, my skin care routine is pretty simple. I don’t wear foundation,…

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Pantene Pro-V Time Renewal Replenishing Mask

By Curly Nikki 2 Comments

So, Walmart was out of my beloved Pantene Relaxed and Natural Deep Conditioning Mask and instead of panicking, like I usually do, I purchased the Replenishing Mask instead. I didn’t really know what to expect- the ingredients are definitely different…the R&N line has oils and amodimethicone, while the Replenishing Mask has dimethicone and no oils. The fragrance is identical and…

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By Curly Nikki 4 Comments

-How long have you been natural?I have been natural since September 2004. Start of my senior year in high school I cut off all my hair, not with the intention of going on a natural journey, just trying to get my Halle Berry swag on ya know?LOL…But it turned out to be the best thing EVER. Once I saw my…

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