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For women proud of the beauty they possess, and who aren’t afraid to flaunt their glorious natural hairstyles, we have built a beautiful community to support you! At Curly Nikki, we are a source for all your natural hair care concerns and questions, from how to care for your specific hair type to how to try a new style craze. Born from our belief in Life and Hair Therapy as an understanding of the close-knit relationship between identity and hair, we have built an online experience aimed at not only embracing your beautiful natural hair but also celebrating it!

As a site dedicated to changing the way natural hair is seen and treated, Curly Nikki strives to educate and inspire on all natural hair types, from coily and kinky to wavy and straight. While all hair is beautiful and we encourage women to follow their own paths, there is a life-changing freedom in embracing your natural hair. It says to the world that you know who you are, and you are proud. It shows the world your confidence and that you will not conform to society telling you how to own your beauty. Only you know what makes you feel beautiful, and it’s time you embrace it.

While going natural can be freeing, it can be scary for many women who have spent their lives living up to someone else’s standard of beauty. We have built this community to encourage and inspire you to on your hair journey no matter how you choose to wear your hair. At Curly Nikki, you will find helpful tips, such as how to trim your hair yourself and easy at home masks, as well as a community of women sharing their stories through inspiring articles and comments. We also have helpful sections on how to go natural, possible styles to choose from, skin care solutions, life advice, natural hair products, and more.

Our goal is to inspire you to live your best life while discovering your own inherent beauty. Your natural hair is beautiful and glorious in all its forms. Isn’t it time you embrace it?

Discover new hair styles and meet new friends. Share your thoughts and opinions for others to experience, oh and remember, there’s never any judgement on the couch!

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