Consecrated Mala



-Your Tulsi Wood Mala was made and purchased in Vrindavan, India (the land of Krishna). It journeyed to Anandamayi Ma’s temple in Vrindavan (on her birthday!), to Maharajji’s Vrindavan temple for a powerful Arti (holy offering of Light), then on to Sarnath where the Buddha practiced and gave His first spiritual discourse, and then to the Ganges River in Varanasi- the Holy Land (and water) of India! My GoOD brother, Alex of ‘Becoming Nobody with Alex”, carried it by hand to these places (while I journeyed through Northern Israel- Galilee and Nazareth) and then mailed it to me for me to touch and chant on, and ship to you!

-Tulsi wood beads assist in your spiritual growth, purifying the body, mind, and Spirit. Wearing a Tulsi wood mala may help in concentration and heal health issues. It is your tether, your link to God.

-Wear yours on your left arm and chant on it using your right hand’s middle finger and thumb.

(color and bead size may slightly vary as they are hand strung and tied with Love)