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Curly Nikki

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For those that haven’t been following the natural hair drama (and I hope you haven’t, really), let me explain. About once or twice a year, I receive submissions from non-black readers. If you look back in the annals of the site, you’ll see that I’ve always chosen inclusion over exclusion and aired the ones that …

Curly Nikki

Why CN Needs D.C.- Reason #4

It’s the little things, like– Dude who stays gettin‘ it outside my window with his boombox-bicycle blasting the best of ’70s R&B.  He’s like the self-appointed hype man of the neighborhood and you know what? I’m here for it.  His energy is infectious and his music gives my life a pleasant soundtrack. Read On!>>> Speaking of …

Curly Nikki

The Lucy: An Easy Turban-Style Headscarf Tutorial

#SoEasyEvenNikCanDoIt  So South Africa happened and when the humidity, sweat and general foolery would befall me, I’d lean heavily on The Lucy (Tamron’s nickname for my scarf situation).  Despite my novice status, Mlle.CafeAuLait’s tutorial was quick and painless to execute. Read On!>>> She singlehandedly kept my state of affairs #flawless. Even in the high Cape Town …

Curly Nikki

Tamron Hall’s Natural Hair!

SURPRISE! Tamron’s natural, y’all! Read On!>>> For those unawares, Tamron Hall is a MSNBC anchor, correspondent for NBC News and NBC’s Today Show.  Although clearly very beautiful, she is not just another pretty face, but a twenty year news and TV journalism veteran.  She is also the first African-American woman to co-anchor the NBC Nightly News.  Name a …