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Curly Nikki

You Don’t Want Stuff. You Want ‘Feels’. #LifeHack

Re-posting as a refresher because I’m bringing back the #LifeHack series!  #IGotYourEmails #IveBeenInStLouisSinceIsraelTho #MumbaiTho Hola Chicas, You know that amazing feeling when- they finally drop the beat?   Bae has you at that angle?! your twists were like ‘barely’, but your twist-out is BOMB?! Bae tells you that you can upgrade that rock (again-again)? What if …

Curly Nikki

Mumbai #TheOuttakes

As the sun sets on our Indian adventure, I wanted to take a moment to thank you guys for coming along with me.  Your support, hilarious comments, engagement and prayers were felt and sincerely appreciated.  I also want to take a moment to thank the sponsors, Romwe and HennaSooq.  There aren’t a lot of brands …