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Curly Nikki

Best Oils for High Porosity Hair

Photo Source by Mary Wolff Hair needs moisture to stay healthy and beautiful. If you have high porosity hair, your strands may be able to absorb moisture without an issue. The real challenge for your hair is keeping that moisture locked in place. This is where oils come in since they offer a concentrated dose …

Curly Nikki

The Best Oil PROVEN to Reduce Hair Breakage

by Susan Walker of Quite possibly one of my favourite foods because of the distinctive, nutty flavour it gives to dishes and smoothies (yum!) is coconut. It seems to be en vogue these days as consumers are realizing the benefits of this wonderful superfood and food companies are meeting the demand to provide it …

Curly Nikki

Is Your Hair Still Dirty? This May Be Why.

by Christina Patrice As a transitioning and natural hair blogger, I love to observe (and sometimes participate in) the waves and trends that roll through the natural hair community. First, it was all about growth, length retention, and proving that textured hair could be just as fab (if not moreso….but hey, I’m biased) as straight …