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Curl to Curl - Curly Nikki

Are You a Sandy Brown Natural?

By Curly Nikki 76 Comments

Erika writes: A few years ago, my hair dresser shared that people with my color hair (a dark but very sandy and shine free brown, that’s very blond in the sun), have a very “unique” natural hair texture. I’ve observed a few other SB’s like myself (sandy browns) and I see the following commonalities: Read More!!>>> Characteristics of My Sandy…

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When is a TWA No Longer a TWA?

By Curly Nikki 17 Comments

Hola Chicas! Many naturals, at some point in time, have rocked a TWA, which is short for “teeny weeny afro.” For most, the image of someone following the Big Chop is what comes to mind when they think about a TWA. But when is a TWA no longer a TWA? Read More!>>> Simply put, a TWA’s length can range from…

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How to Get Sleek Edges…No Gel…No Brush

By Curly Nikki 47 Comments

Hola Chicas! I’m re-posting the article below. After the Super Cute Headband blog, I received an influx of emails asking how I achieved my smooth edges, and this routine, unlike most, is one that has not changed (can you believe it?!). After you’re done reading, leave a comment detailing how you get your edges smooth! So yesterday evening, I was…

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How CurlyNikki Gets the Perfect Twist Out Every Time

By Curly Nikki 36 Comments

Exhale1913 writes: In my natural hair journey, I’ve learned that TECHNIQUE can be just as important as products, so therefore I pose a question regarding styling techniques (including products used) that gives the best results for the most defined Twist-Out or Twist-n-Curl. CN Responds: I’ve been playing around with this a lot lately… especially considering that Twist-Outs and Twist-n-Curls are…

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7 Mistakes Many Naturals Make

By Curly Nikki 28 Comments

source by Tammy of CurlyChics 1. Not detangling Never, not once did I properly detangle my hair, if at all. I would simply shampoo and condition my hair, throw some Motions foam wrap lotion and Paul Mitchell foaming pomade and keep it moving. I barely used a comb! Now, it was cute but that’s it. It was not healthy in…

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New to Natural Hair?- What to Expect

By Curly Nikki 16 Comments

by GG of Peace, Love, and Pretty Things When I decided to stop relaxing my hair, I had many ideas about what it would be like to be natural. Now that I’m about five years into my natural hair journey (that includes transitioning), many of these ideas have been proven quite wrong. I absolutely love the fullness and versatility of…

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How to Make Fine Natural Hair Appear Thick

By Curly Nikki 24 Comments

CN says: re-posting since we’re talking about fine hurr!  Hola Chicas! Last night’s post got me thinking… Many of us (not erry’body, tho) want thicker looking hair. I’m talking BIG, voluminous, heavy, block-people’s-line-of-vision tresses. I too fancy big hair, and even go so far as to henna regularly to achieve it. Score! It totally works, but what happens when you…

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