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CurlyNikki Vids- How-to Pictorials - Curly Nikki

Get the Look- Cornrow and Twist Updo

By Curly Nikki 30 Comments

Remember TiaShauntee’s fly summer protective style? Well after much begging on our part, she made an instructional vid! This hair is not only perfect for the beach or that cruise you’re planning, but will definitely go over well at work, and when you’re out on the town. Very versatile… very chic! Check it out, and if you try it and…

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Creating Your Own Hair Flowers

By Curly Nikki 25 Comments

As natural divas, we know that the right accessories can make or break a look. Gorgeous hair flowers are hard to come by, and whenever you do run across them, they’re usually the wrong color, an inappropriate material, or too big, or too small! The lovely Ni-Kiya, aka bambiix2 teaches us how to create our own!

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So Hard to Say Goodbye– Butters-n-Bars Challenge

By Curly Nikki 4 Comments

All good things must come to an end… The gorgeous and super sweet JuicesnBerriez created a heart warming goodbye video to send the 6 month long Butters-n-Bars Naturally Beautiful You Challenge off with a bang! She shouts out many of the members and shares how the challenge helped her get through the early days of her BC! Thanks to…

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Transitioning Hair Style Ideas

By Curly Nikki 13 Comments

Tmochava writes: I have been transitioning for 10 months and I plan on being a long term transitioner, shooting for 24 months. I have recently decided to stop slicking my hair back into the same small bun, and actually do something with my hair. I’d love to share some of the hair tutorials I have posted on youtube with….

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For the Grown and Sexy– Naturals Over 35

By Curly Nikki 16 Comments

NylaCoils writes: Nik, When, searching the internet, it’s so easy to find young naturals. As a result, our sticky on the CurlyNikki Forum, has become a place where we have discussed it all from a (for lack of a better term) mature perspective. I hope that you enjoy. The last picture in the montage is my MOMMY! AIN’T, she fly?!…

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Modified Denman Brush

By Curly Nikki 24 Comments

Watch as this curly diva modifies her Denman to make it less damaging. If I hadn’t thrown mine away, I’d definitely be giving this one a go. It looks promising… AGrlCanMac‘s Modified Denman Have you modified yours? How does it compare?

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