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Curly Nikki

5 Oils You Should Try for 4c Natural Hair

 by Kanisha of As we all know, natural hair and oil are pretty much the perfect match. When it comes to Type 4 hair, particularly 4c, this match becomes especially important. Oil can be used for a multitude of purposes for natural hair, including: Prepooing Detangling Hot Oil Treatments Scalp Massages/treatments Adding to conditioners/deep …

Curly Nikki

Use THIS to Naturally Darken Your Hair!

IG @chocolateblackdoll by Sointocurls via That’s right. The safest alternative for beautiful dark hair color might just be on your shelf in your pantry, and if you guessed coffee or tea, you are absolutely right! After all, who hasn’t heard of those stubborn coffee and tea stains that are extremely difficult to remove from …

Curly Nikki

Has Your Hair Reached Its Terminal Length?

source by AB of Short answer: NO. Continue!>>> ‘Terminal Length’ is a concept I did not understand until very recently. When I started growing my hair out in uni, it started breaking when it reached a comfortable shoulder length. Just a little below the shoulder. Then, I was relaxed. I went natural and it …