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Curly Nikki

8 Go-To Hairstyles for 4C Hair

Photo via Un-ruly By Ellen Haile We all have those moments when we have no idea what to do with our hair. Sometimes we’re simply just bored or have forgotten what our options are. Luckily, for our 4C readers, we’ve put together a curated list of go-to hair styles courtesy of the gram! Continue

Curly Nikki

DIY Sleek Feed-in Braids on short 4C Hair

BeautyWithTy Alright Ladies, summer is coming and what better way to protective style or just switch up your look than with some sleek cornrows!? Here vlogger BeautyWithTy shows us how to feed-in braids on short 4c hair. But don’t fret, even if you have longer hair, this video is still for you! Now if you really wanna …