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Curly Nikki

Vitamin D for Healthy Hair Growth

  by: Ajia N. Eberhart Throughout their journey, many naturalistas will board the “hair growth challenges” bandwagon. By hair growth challenges, I’m referring to three month long challenges that involve pills, pills, and more pills. They stock up on items like Hairfinity, The Mane Choice, or the generic Biotin complex brand. They believe biotin will …

Curly Nikki

7 Foods for Healthier Hair

  easy pineapple updo!  by Diane Mary You are what you eat. And because your hair is part of you, what you eat reflects in the health and state of your hair. If you want hair that is healthy, longer, and stronger you should be paying attention to what you put INSIDE your body, not …

Curly Nikki

Benefits of Plantains for Hair

Photo Credit: North of Lagos by Mary Wolff There are a ton of healthy foods that are reported to help with the life of your hair. When choosing the right one, you might overlook plantains. These fruits might be overlooked for their counterpart the banana, but there are some great benefits of plantains for hair …