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Curly Nikki

How to Fix Severely Heat Damaged Hair

source: google Most curlies and coilies love the versatility of their natural tresses. Sleek chignons, voluminous twist outs, and bold Bantu knots are just a few of the vast styling options that can be easily achieved on textured hair. Some curlies also like to wear it straight, but sporting this look can be detrimental if …

Curly Nikki

4 New Growth Styling Tips

by Mary Wolff No matter where you are in your natural hair journey, you have probably heard about or experienced new growth. New growth is just what it sounds like. It is new hair that has grown in with your existing, older hair which is either relaxed or permed. When transitioning to natural hair, new …

Curly Nikki

Would You Spend $400 On This New Hair Dryer By Dyson?

source by Sabrina Perkins of Dyson is a powerhouse in the vacuum industry but this past week, they’ve been making tons of waves (pun intended) in the hair industry. Dyson revealed the newest addition to their vast high-tech space-age products…Dyson Supersonic™. Touted as really, really different from any hair dryer you have ever seen, …