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heat styling - Curly Nikki

Is Heat Styling Worth It?

By Curly Nikki 92 Comments

Tawanna writes: This may be controversial, or at least it is in many forums. This is the topic of heat styling- is it worth it in the long run? Some naturals use heat often, and some, only a few times a year for trims and length checks. One thing I notice is that at some point they usually indicate needing…

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Syl- My Natural Lil’ Sis

By Curly Nikki 24 Comments

Syl is my sister…4 years younger, and definitely smarter. She’s currently a senior at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, and on her way to graduate school! While home for Christmas, I asked her to write up her ‘hair story’ for Like me, she’s natural- only she chooses to wear it straight. I’m not an advocate for heat styling,…

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Heathernicole on Straightening

By Curly Nikki 2 Comments

Hola Chicas 😀 Many of you have asked me about thermal straightening techniques. Well, since I haven’t touched a flat iron in a year and a half, I thought I’d leave it up to the experts 😀 Ms. HeatherNicole of has amazingly awesome curly hair and equally amazing straight hair! I’ll be spotlighting her luscious curls at some point…

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