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Curly Nikki

How to Fix Severely Heat Damaged Hair

source: google Most curlies and coilies love the versatility of their natural tresses. Sleek chignons, voluminous twist outs, and bold Bantu knots are just a few of the vast styling options that can be easily achieved on textured hair. Some curlies also like to wear it straight, but sporting this look can be detrimental if …

Curly Nikki

How to Stretch Natural Hair Without Heat

by Charlene Walton of Have you been trying to figure out the best ways to stretch natural hair without heat? Of course, every girl loves her natural curls but stretching your hair before styling can result in a totally different look. The problem most women fear; however, is heat damage! Growing out heat damaged …

Curly Nikki

Heat Damage in Natural Hair

Photo Courtesy of Natalie Live  by Amanda When embarking on your natural hair journey, everything has to start with a healthy foundation for optimal results. The best way to think about your foundation is the virgin hair growing from your scalp. Whether you were a straight-haired natural, “heat trained”, or straightened your hair six times …