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The Power of Surrendering & Continual Prayer - Tiffany Young's Journey to HERself

The Power of Surrendering & Praying without Ceasing – Tiffany Young’s Journey to Best Life Living

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photo credit: Barry Eugene Tiffany Young on The Power of Surrendering & Praying without Ceasing  HERjourney “If I am not in that Peace I have simply forgotten to surrender. As a silly, anxious human I often forget that life is teaching me the overwhelming importance of remembering! The chaos leads me back to surrender over and again.” – Tiffany Young…

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flowers blooming spring

“When the Flower Blooms, the Bees Come Uninvited.” – Ramakrishna

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‘When the flower blooms, the bees come uninvited.’ – Divine Love speaking through Ramakrishna Our bees may be clients, customers, signups, patients, recruiters, followers, fans, members, a new relationship, or opportunities. They come when we are in alignment, knowing and being our true Self. They only come when we are effortlessly radiating Love. That’s our fragrance, our perfume. So let’s…

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You love differently when you know god by malanda

The “I Am” is God.

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You move different when you remember that the ‘I Am’ is God. “Say to yourself: ‘The spirit of God is within me and dwells in me. The spirit of God goes before me to ‘make the crooked places straight,’ to prepare mansions for me. The spirit of God has ordained me.’ Only when you have come into this agreement within…

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I get finer every time i heal

“I Get Finer Every Time I Heal.”

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Let me tell y’all how I approach every issue, situation, or seeming problem that comes up during the day: 1. I notice the ‘problem’ and the accompanying thoughts and feelings that seem to come along with it. This is just simple attention… awareness. Like, ‘oh, frustration is here.’ Fun. 2. I remind myself that this isn’t a test or challenge…

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