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Curly Nikki

3 Tips for Long Natural Hair

ChrsLvsBks by Susan Walker of For many naturals long hair is really important. And while the hair grows – yes it does! – the key isn’t necessarily hair growth. It’s about retaining length. Now your hair growth cycle, while partially dependent on a number of factors that are in our control – is mainly …

Curly Nikki

Tips for Long, Natural, Healthy Hair!

Via Global Couture, LLC Are you having a hard time retaining length? We all want healthy hair overall, but there are a few steps that will get us there. If one of your goals is to retain length but don’t know how, then you will benefit from these tips! Read On!>>> * Detangle gently with conditioner- …

Curly Nikki


by KandyKurls The phrase “less is more” strongly applies to hair. Many of us are so focused on our vision of the “perfect hair” and the “perfect product” that we obsess over products and styles while our hair routine becomes convoluted—inhibiting length retention and hair growth. Read On!>>> Spending countless hours per week doing your …