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Why You Should Protective Style More Often!

IG @aleshanokeys by Ariane of Many have asked the question, how can you enjoy your hair if it’s always tied up in protective styles. My response: because it makes life easier. Protective styling is constantly encouraged, especially among type 4 natural with coily hair types because it has the benefit of helping you retain …

3 Classic Natural Updos Anyone Can Do

Michelle Thames by Mary Wolff When it comes to curly hair, the possibilities are endless in terms of styles. An updo is one of the best ways to protect your hair from damage while still looking great. Here are a few of my favorite natural updos. Continue!>>> 1. The Low Bun  This is so easy …

Super Easy, Pre-Curled Silver Crochet Braids!

Zara writes: I’d like to share this vid of Nicola talking about her super durable, gray crochet braid style! The hair is from “Latched + Hooked” and is super easy to use! Next time, I’ll probably help her with the install! This is a quick/stress-free winter protective style for any no-fuss natural. I hope you …

DIY: Easiest Closure Wig, Ever!

Zara writes: Here is a vid demonstrating how I slay this super easy closure wig. I needed a cute protective style that would take little effort to accomplish and also cause no tension. This natural hair texture wig was the answer! Perfect for every hair type and takes less than 2 hours to complete! Continue!>>>

Create the Perfect Afro Puff!

Naturally Elite writes: I will show you how to get this QUICK, EASY, AND PAINLESS PUFF!!! I usually do a puff on an old twist-out to get more wear out of my hair before I have to Co-Wash. It’s the quickest hairstyle you will ever learn as a natural. Enjoy! Continue!>>>