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natural hair routines - Curly Nikki

How Will Your Routine Change?

By Curly Nikki 32 Comments

This is a re-post. I updated with a list of conditioners to use this season, and a list of ones you should hide away. Obviously, no two heads are alike, and if one of the conditioners on the ‘Shelf’ list works for you in the winter, keep on using it! Hola Chicas, Not too long ago, I posted Keneesha Hudson’s…

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The Turning Point…

By Curly Nikki 20 Comments

What addition did you make to your hair care routine that got you over the hump (be it length or health)? Henna and my beloved Twist-n-Curl grew my hair to healthier new lengths. The weekly deep treatments and bunning probably didn’t hurt either. Your response may give the next curly an inspired idea!

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