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oils and natural hair - Curly Nikki

Argan Oil Really is Liquid Gold…

By Curly Nikki 37 Comments

Hola Chicas! I’ve been experimenting with oils LOTS over the past few months. I’ve purchased pre-mixed combinations (SheaMoisture, Burts Bees, Treasured Locks, etc.) as well as teeny bottles of jojoba, castor, and sweet almond oil. I’ve used them together, alone, as pre-poos, for *warm* oil treatments, as a leave-in on wet hair, and on my dry ends and length… all…

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Ancient Botanical Ingredients Made New- Argan Oil

By Curly Nikki 5 Comments

by Tonya Mckay via I just love the current trend of blending exotic botanical oils with synthetic ingredients to create truly modern, innovative products. In many cases, these types of formulations achieve improved performance over both “all-natural” and “all-synthetic” types of products. Another benefit of incorporating these botanical oils into products is that they are often obtained via fair…

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Argan Oil and Natural Hair

By Curly Nikki 11 Comments

by T. Johnson of Texture me Natural The Argan tree is found in Southwest Morocco. The kernels of the tree are extracted to obtain the oil. Argan oil is widely known for its anti-aging properties; its antioxidants; moisturizing qualities; and its essential fatty acids. Argan oil contains Vitamin F which rejuvenates skin cells and it also contains Vitamin E. Argan…

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The Pros and Cons of Oiling Your Scalp

By Curly Nikki 14 Comments

Timi Komonibo of Naturallycurly writes: When was the last time you oiled your scalp? We habitually engage in dangerous hair practices that strip our hair of its essential oils and nutrients. Applying excessive shampoos, excessive hair washing and not applying enough conditioner are unhealthy practices for your scalp. Hair oils can moisturize the scalp and stimulate its pores to produce…

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Coconut or Castor Oil for Braid-Outs?

By Curly Nikki 32 Comments

Hola Chicas! Lately, I’ve been experimenting with the effects of different oils on my braid-outs. Here’s what I found: Coconut Oil– Leaves my hair less defined, but very soft, fluffy, and LARGE. It has no hold, but I love the result! I learned a while ago that my curls hate coconut oil when applied wet…but my dry hair adores it….

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