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Curly Nikki

Should I Really Use Grease on My Natural Hair?

Photo from LeCoil By: Hair Liberty’s Nicole Hollis Q: Should I really use grease on my hair? A: Grease is usually a combination of petroleum (cleaned up sludge from the earth) and mineral oil (even cleaner, liquefied sludge from the earth). Petroleum-based products come from the same Earth that we pollute everyday with factory run off, …

Curly Nikki

Top Products for Long, Healthy 4c Hair

Photo Courtesy of Craving Yellow by Craving Yellow Now more than ever before, there are numerous hair products tailored to meet the needs of natural hair. There are a variety of cleansers, sealants, conditioners, butters, and styling creams that are meant to keep our curls healthy and popping. Out of the hundreds of options out …