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protective styles - Curly Nikki

Get the Look- Cornrow and Twist Updo

By Curly Nikki 30 Comments

Remember TiaShauntee’s fly summer protective style? Well after much begging on our part, she made an instructional vid! This hair is not only perfect for the beach or that cruise you’re planning, but will definitely go over well at work, and when you’re out on the town. Very versatile… very chic! Check it out, and if you try it and…

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The Importance of Protective Styling

By Curly Nikki 9 Comments

NikG of BeadsBraidsBeyond dishes on ways to keep baby girl’s natural hair healthy and beautiful, without pulling yours out! I, like many other mothers, absolutely love hair accessories. Beads, barrettes, ballies, bows etc. Sometimes, all of those extra hair accessories are unnecessary and if not used properly can cause damage. I think a lot of mothers may feel pressured to…

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Fat Twist Updo- Natural Hair Style

By Curly Nikki 7 Comments

Vee, a lovely transitioner shares with us how she achieves this divalicious low-mani, protective style. Hey Nikki! I am transitioning and my last relaxer was May 2009. I have been looking for a new staple style to rock during the summer months. I was searching youtube and found the cutest style. It is an inspired recreation of Chisellecouture’s Fat Twist…

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Cinna-bun and Other Natural Hair Styles

By Curly Nikki 36 Comments

Keish10 answered the call for ‘lazy’ styles… styles you can do when you don’t feel like starting over…styles that last! When left with a twist-out that no longer hangs the way it used to, Keish10 pulls off a curly frohawk or updo like the ones below. Bobby pins are a natural gal’s bestfriend! For an ultra chic and low maintenance…

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The Modified Princess Leia

By Curly Nikki 15 Comments

Hola Chicas! So as you all know, I’ve been rocking the same protective style for the past few weeks- – double buns with flat twist accents. Hubby affectionately refers to it as the Princess Leia! The style is easy to do, lasts for a week, and is great if you workout regularly. Plus, it elicits the occasional compliment. Y’all asked…

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