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Curly Nikki

Can I Wear a Head Wrap to Work?

source by Tiffani Greenaway of Scarves. Head wraps. Geles. Black women have long celebrated their culture and pride with intriciate wraps of fabric. Twisted this way and that, a woman’s head wrap speaks volumes about her confidence, her lineage, and her ancestry. But is wearing a head wrap in a corporate setting appropriate? Continue!>>> …

Curly Nikki

CurlyNikki’s #AskAway Monday

#BigSisBoogie Hola Chicas! It’s Monday and I’m on the roof!  If you’ve got hurr, life (or whatever and what have you) questions, ask below! I’ll do my best to get to them all! Later Gators, Nik Continue!>>> PAST PICS! 2-22-2016 the result of a chunky twist-out on dry hair (old roller set) using Jane Carter’s …

Curly Nikki

Are You a Sandy Brown Natural?

Erika writes: A few years ago, my hair dresser shared that people with my color hair (a dark but very sandy and shine free brown, that’s very blond in the sun), have a very “unique” natural hair texture. I’ve observed a few other SB’s like myself (sandy browns) and I see the following commonalities: Read …