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Question of the Day - Curly Nikki

Question of the Day- Hair Abuse!

By Curly Nikki 54 Comments

L. Howard asks: What is the worst thing you have ever done to your hair? CN’s answer: My undergraduate flat ironing routine– I would clarify, rinse, blow dry with the heat set to HELL, and finally, here’s the kicker, crank my Solia up to 450, and go over each section no less than 3 times! Oh, and when it frizzed,…

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Question of the Day

By Curly Nikki 133 Comments

Terra asks: If you had to convince someone to go natural in one word, what would that word be? CN’s answer– Real Diva! (made me think of Boondocks…real divas don’t follow directions!) Coming up with one word is hard! Your turn ladies!

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How Do You Detangle Your Natural Hair?

By Curly Nikki 44 Comments

Hola Chicas, Over the years I’ve tried many detangling methods– dry, wet, with a paddle brush, using a denman, fingers only, in sections, under the water stream, hell, I’ve even tried oil rinsing! I’ve done it all, but with my current length and density, the following works best for me: I get in the shower with loose, dry hair (usually…

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Do You Henna?

By Curly Nikki 81 Comments

If so– -Describe your hair type (4abc/3abc or wavy, coily, fine, coarse, etc.) -Share your results (de-frizzing, curl loosening, curl defining, color, thickness, etc.) If not–-What’s the biggest deterrent? **For my results and more info about henna, click HERE.

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Which Multi Do you Take?

By Curly Nikki 30 Comments

Hola Chicas! I’m a huge fan of green drinks, but since I’m preggers, I’m taking a prenatal. I researched vitamins the same way I did natural hair, and decided that Rainbow Light One (a food based vitamin– some argue that these are better than the ones that contain minerals and vitamins chemically derived in a lab) would be one of…

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Deep Conditioning- Question of the Day

By Curly Nikki 30 Comments

Hola Chicas, I woke up at six this morning with a ton of energy! I cleaned the house, did a few loads of laundry, rinsed my henna, and applied my deep treatment and heating cap. While I stood in front of my foggy mirror loading up on conditioner, I was thinking two things, (1) does adding three conditioners to my…

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Favorite Detangling Conditioner

By Curly Nikki 64 Comments

What’s yours? Y’all know I’m a Product Junkie (PJ), but I always return to the same ones (herbal essence hello hydration or totally twisted, and DevaCurl). That says a lot about those lines and how my curls feel about them. Right now, however, my favorite detangling conditioners are Yes to Carrots and Yes to Cucumbers! I feel that they provide…

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Natural Hair– Length Dreams

By Curly Nikki 77 Comments

At what length will you be content? If I was asked this question three years ago, my response would’ve gone something like this- – ‘as long as possible! down to my butt!’ Since then, I’ve learned that when my hair gets past BSL (bra strap length), things get a bit tricky– detangling becomes a pain and maintenance , a headache….

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