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Question of the Day - Curly Nikki

Natural Hair and First Impressions

By Curly Nikki 43 Comments

Kara writes: Do you feel that people judge you by your hair before they get a chance to know you? To take it one step farther, do you ever find yourself thinking that straightening your hair for that interview, for your first day of class, for that fancy banquet, or for the family reuninon is probably not such a bad…

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Going Natural Ain’t No Joke!

By Curly Nikki 51 Comments

LaTanya writes: Being natural these days seems to be a growing trend..everywhere I go I see people that are either natural, transitioning, or thinking about transitioning. Many times these are women that were die hard “permies.” When asked for advice, I tell them as much as I can, but they often become bored with what I am saying, and remark,…

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Our Hair, Our Men… Food for Thought

By Curly Nikki 24 Comments

CurlyKye writes: Does my husband really like my newly natural hair and hair experiments because he loves me (and doesn’t want to hurt my feelings) or does he like it because he really thinks it’s cute on me? Could I deal with it if my husband decided that he wanted to change something about him or on his body that…

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Is Heat Styling Worth It?… Part Deux

By Curly Nikki 44 Comments

In response to ‘Is Heat Styling Worth It?‘, Alicia J. asks: Why is it seen as a HUGE no-no to straighten natural hair? Many naturals frown on the act of even thinking about doing a blow out or flat iron. As long as one takes extra precautions (deep conditioner, gentle manipulation, heat protection product, etc.) before, during, and after straightening,…

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Decoding Black Hair Product Advertisements

By Curly Nikki 63 Comments

Crystal E. writes: Hi ladies, I am completing my masters in Mass Communication, and for my research, I am undressing hair product advertisements in Essence and Ebony magazines. I am interested in knowing how you all view the following ads. Any response you provide, short or long, is appreciated! Some questions you may think about when viewing the ads are:…

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Is Natural Hair A Trend?

By Curly Nikki 57 Comments

Shantrice writes: “Is Natural Hair just a trend? Or will it fade?” I LOVE my natural hair and I feel as if I will never resort back to the harmful chemicals in relaxers. I just feel free from a bondage that I so willingly let enter my world. But recently, I’ve seen quite a few women on twitter and fotki,…

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Is Heat Styling Worth It?

By Curly Nikki 92 Comments

Tawanna writes: This may be controversial, or at least it is in many forums. This is the topic of heat styling- is it worth it in the long run? Some naturals use heat often, and some, only a few times a year for trims and length checks. One thing I notice is that at some point they usually indicate needing…

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Natural Hair and Confidence

By Curly Nikki 24 Comments

Naterra writes: A friend and I were discussing how much more confident I am, now that I wear my hair natural. We couldn’t quite put our fingers on one particular reason, but came up with three: 1) Natural girls stand out. Whether we want to or not, so we are forced to keep our heads held high! Because we stand…

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Natural Hair Products and Organic Foods?

By Curly Nikki 52 Comments

This topic was submitted by Brandiss: I know that most women with natural hair are aware of the “bad list” of product ingredients that we should stay away from. The bad list contains mineral oil, parabens and the list goes on. From what we hear and read online, we know that these substances can absorb into our bloodstreams. BUT, my…

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