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Question of the Day - Curly Nikki

Food For Thought…First Impressions

By Curly Nikki 45 Comments

Ishea writes: Recently I was debating whether or not to straighten my 2 month transitioning hair for a date or go with my new obsession – – the twist out. When speaking with a guy friend he told me that “straight hair is the ish”, and without straight hair, I “probably wouldn’t find a man”. Since I just started transitioning…

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Food For Thought…Defining ‘Natural’

By Curly Nikki 32 Comments

Deanna writes: “What does being natural mean to you? Does it mean you NEVER straighten/flat iron your hair? Does dyeing your hair make you non-natural?“ I’m in the ‘to each his own’ camp–as long as it works for you, and it’s healthy, rock it!Who are we to judge…But, can we say…SLIPPERY SLOPE! I agree that relaxed/texlaxed hair is not natural….

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Food For Thought…Why so $$$$

By Curly Nikki 53 Comments

Kat writes: I believe in supporting minority businesses, especially some of the natural hair care productmanufacturers/vendors, but why are these hair products so expensive? Furthermore, most of the ingredients used, are not even expensive to purchase or difficult to find. And I know the packaging is cheap, so why charge so much? I mean $17 + for 2 oz of…

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Hair Abuse, Reloaded…

By Curly Nikki 15 Comments

Remember my What the Hell post, from last month? A natural friend of mine called me a couple of nights ago to share that NPR was covering the story. Check it out. ____________________________________________________________ From NPR on August 4th:Hair is a tricky issue for many black women — and always has been. A YouTube video showing a young African-American girl having…

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Superiority Complex- Food for Thought

By Curly Nikki 66 Comments

Do we, as naturals, put ourselves on a pedestal? Candice, a beautiful reader writes: Here’s some food for thought: A friend of mine mentioned to me that having natural hair doesn’t make naturals more black than women with relaxed hair. It also doesn’t means that women with relaxed hair don’t love themselves. This friend of mine felt that naturals…

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Out With the Old…

By Curly Nikki 26 Comments

Shayla writes: My mom and mother-in-law do not understand co-washing or using natural oils instead of hair grease or any of the “new to me” methods of hair care. When I was little my mom washed my hair once a week, greased my scalp, kept my hair in braids or twists, didn’t use “natural” products, and my hair was thick…

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Things That Make You Go Hmmmm……#3

By Curly Nikki 54 Comments

CurlyDrea writes: A friend of mine thinks that the way women talk (his word choice was obsess) about their hair experience or journey, now that it’s in it’s natural state, is really just a way of reassuring themselves that they and/or their hair is beautiful, whereas those with relaxed and weaves etc. don’t need to cause they already feel that…

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