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scalp - Curly Nikki

Remedies for Flaky Scalp in the Winter

By Curly Nikki 9 Comments

by Jamila of For the Fabulous and Frugal Tisha asks, Have any suggestions for how to keep your scalp from flaking up during the winter?Make sure it’s not product buildup– I’m guilty of feeling like I have to over moisturize my hair with products in the colder months…make sure the flakes you see aren’t just from too much product application…

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Scalp Eczema- How To Soothe That Itch!

By Curly Nikki 15 Comments

Via I decided to write about eczema today because I’ve been hit up in the past couple weeks by quite a few ladies who are dealing with scalp eczema and other forms of dermatitis. I truly empathize with these women because years ago I suffered from a case of eczema and it was truly a frustrating experience. Fortunately it…

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The Pros and Cons of Oiling Your Scalp

By Curly Nikki 14 Comments

Timi Komonibo of Naturallycurly writes: When was the last time you oiled your scalp? We habitually engage in dangerous hair practices that strip our hair of its essential oils and nutrients. Applying excessive shampoos, excessive hair washing and not applying enough conditioner are unhealthy practices for your scalp. Hair oils can moisturize the scalp and stimulate its pores to produce…

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Scalp Issues and Natural Hair

By Curly Nikki 65 Comments

Daria writes: There isn’t much mention of scalp issues in the natural world….(ie dandruff, psoriasis, dry scalp, etc). Has anyone noticed a difference, either way, when switching from relaxed to natural in overall scalp health? I’ve struggled with dry scalp my whole life and was hoping that going natural would alleviate some of my issues… it hasn’t. I continue to…

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The Great Scalp Greasing Debate

By Curly Nikki 52 Comments

Tiana asks: Hi CN Community, I would like to know more about “grease” for our scalps. What, if anything, should we be using? I remember growing up and we used to grease out scalp religiously. Is that necessary for us naturals? Since I have been natural, I haven’t had any dandruff- -but I also have not put anything on my…

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