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Curly Nikki

What It Looks Like to #behernow

Continue  Via IG For @mentoria.lashae being HER meant going back to school, tightening up her credit score and leading a vegan lifestyle. It also included getting her first tattoo! What does being HER look like for you? Tonight, make a list of all the attributes and experiences that SHE embodies. And then go down the …

Curly Nikki

Live As Her #BeHerNow

Nikki Walton Type ‘YES’ if you’re ready to live as HER! Continue Tension is misalignment and resistance. It’s manipulating and forcing outcomes. It’s going against the current. It’s lack. It’s the struggle. It’s human. Relaxation is #GodsPlan. It’s alignment with who you really are. It is abundance, freedom…the journey and the destination. It’s letting ‘what …