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Stylin' and Profilin' - Curly Nikki

Moniero’s Bantu Knot-Out Results

By Curly Nikki 15 Comments

After reading your blog on Sunday, I decided to take the plunge and try “Something New”. My hair had already been styled in a braid out, and was going on two days old. I used Jessicurl Deep Treatment with a little water. I had a total of 15 knots. Here are my results…by the way “LOVE THE BLOG”…it’s my new…

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End of the Day Knot-Out Results

By Curly Nikki 40 Comments

Bottom Line– I like the results- adding it to my arsenal of hair styles. Pros: It yields more of a consistent curl pattern from root to tip (compared to the TwistnCurl which yields waves and curls) Relatively easy to sleep on Quick styling time- hopefully I’ll see this benefit after a few more times I look slightly less crazy on…

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Jenius J on Bantu Knot-Outs

By Curly Nikki 17 Comments

Jenius J: I used this style to transition without doing the BC. I do double-strand twists, then roll into the knots, and fix with bobby pins. I have a big head so I do AT LEAST 20 knots…I typically twist one day, air dry overnight, then wear for a week. The twists come out really tight, and loosen up and…

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I’m Ready to Try a New Style…

By Curly Nikki 14 Comments

Hola Chicas! After looking at the gorgeous hair in this fotki, and seeing Empressri’s short vid, I’ve decided that it’s time to try a Bantu Knot-out! So, I’m commissioning you gorgeous gals for advice: 1. Do you two-strand twist prior to wrapping the hair around itself, or single strand? 2. How many do you do? 3. Product line up? 4….

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Dluvlylox is Representing…

By Curly Nikki 14 Comments

I’m writing to share with the readers about my formal hair solution for for teeny weeny afro last month. I attended the Zulu Ball this Mardi Gras in New Orleans, a strictly formal event, and spent most of January wigging out about what I would do with my hair. I had a dress all picked out, shoes, purse, and…

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Corporate Hair a la Maria!!

By Curly Nikki 6 Comments

Hey Miss Nikki, Hope you’re doing well today. I wanted to send in this picture of my “corporate hair” which is a donut bun. This is the one I bought at Sally’s for about $2.00. You can also make a donut with a sock.,default,pd.html I co-wash my hair first [because my hair is in layers and I can’t do it…

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Substitute Teacher Wednesday

By Curly Nikki 23 Comments

Hi Ladies! On the last Wednesday of each month, the lovely Wes of will be standing in for me- sort of like a Substitute Teacher! We hope that this endeavor will diversify both sites, and provide readers with a variety of reliable and reader-friendly articles. Besides being gorgeous, this curly icon has been providing much needed hair product reviews,…

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A Noteworthy Protective Style

By Curly Nikki 4 Comments

When Leslie strutted her fly self into that restaurant on Saturday night, my draw dropped! When I think of protective styles, I think of the same boring old buns, rolls, or twists. Her twist-out updo is fabulous! I think another curly at dinner called it ‘classic’ or ‘timeless’. Leslie was sweet enough to provide us with instructions so we can…

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