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Curly Nikki

Transitioning to Natural Hair

IG @slaymskaye  by Mary Wolff When it comes to natural hair, it can be a journey of beautiful discovery. Making the jump can be scary. When transitioning to natural hair, there are a few things you want to remember. If you are transitioning to natural hair, here are some of my favorite tips to make the …

Curly Nikki

How To Transition Hair Care During Vacation

Image courtesy of Getty By Emilia Obiekea of It’s Spring Time and we know that means it’s time for some much needed fun! But while vacationing, many people forget to protect their hair while they are enjoying outdoor activities. Just as your body needs sunscreen, your hair needs a layer of protection as well. …

Curly Nikki

14 Reasons to Go Natural, Today!

 by Christina via Every decision has its reasons…what would be the reason to go natural? For me personally, going to the salon got way too expensive– I wanted to learn my own hair, and I absolutely loved the versatility of natural hair. If you make the decision to go natural, make sure that it …