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Worldwide - Curly Nikki

NYC Wrap-Up!- EPIC.

By Curly Nikki 119 Comments

thanks Marisol and Jenell for sharing this pic! So last night was EPIC. I’m talking ‘everything possibly imaginable, cuz’ type EPIC, I mean, ‘every photo is cute’ type EPIC, or better yet, I mean ‘haters were instantly concerned’, type EPIC. No matter the anagram or witty phrase… (I plan on copyrighting them all, lol), we had a GREAT night last…

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Southern Fried Family Reunion

By Curly Nikki 73 Comments

There’s no rest for the weary y’all and we’re still going harder than a mug over here. A last minute decision to road trip to Reidsville, NC completely derailed the ‘Imma park it for a month and get my ish together’ plan. In this instance, ‘Ish’ being, my health, and more specifically, my diet. Between the MSG from my ramen…

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CurlyNikki Does New Orleans- The Debriefing

By Curly Nikki 42 Comments

Was up in NOLA going hammer for all of 1.5 days, but in that short time I: -Stayed at a Pool House – on a street called Belaire!  Only thing missing was DJ Jazzy Jeff #SummerTimeSwag #Fresh  -Ate at Mother’s AND Acme (and scheduled a subsequent appointment to have my cholesterol checked)  -Partied into the night with the Curlies &…

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My Weekend, in Pictures…

By Curly Nikki 108 Comments

And the winner is… RHONDA C.!  Congrats boo! Email me ( ASAP w/ your address! The ‘Wholesome’ Fun- Syl and I took Gia to The Magic House- the St. Louis children’s museum with interactive exhibits that encourage hands on learning, role playing and fun for all ages.  Per usual, my inner child busted out and probably had more fun than…

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Hot Town, Summer in the City… (Updates)

By Curly Nikki 52 Comments

Last night… …I donned the bonnet and this morning released to reveal… #MargeSimpson and after some fluffing, I was good to go   Check in later! ********************************************** 6/28/2012 Pit stopped in St. Louis after the Charlotte meetup to kick it with the fam and to attempt to rest my soul.  I’m still awaiting that full recovery after coming down with…

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CurlyNikki Does Charlotte- The Debriefing

By Curly Nikki 65 Comments

On Saturday, more than 800 curlies descended onto Charlotte’s swanky SUITE to celebrate the amazingness that is natural hair. There was great music, mingling, a lil’ wobbling and lots of laughs.  The Design Essentials and UR Curly sponsored meetup brought out folks from as far as Georgia, DC and South Carolina.  The hair was sick, the fashions haute and the…

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By Curly Nikki 70 Comments

a super moisturized chunky twist-out using Redken Butter Treat + Ouidad Hydrafusion on damp hair (10 twists)   So happy to be back home with Boogie!  One of us nearly sh*t ourselves from excitement! And by excitement I mean bad airplane food at the end of a 12 hour flight.  And by one of us I mean not Boogie.  

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Rio Outtakes and a Giveaway!

By Curly Nikki 228 Comments

and the winner is……  Erica S! Email me ( ASAP w/ your address!   There’s monkeys in the trees! Like, lots of ’em. And they’re really friggin’, ridiculously super cute! #IWantOne smoothing and twirling wet frizzy curls (7 a.m.) the same wash and go later that day (1 p.m.) I’ve missed the glorious, highly textured results of my wash &…

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Pork-Cow- Rio Day 9

By Curly Nikki 454 Comments

And the winners are… shara h Mishi Bishi Fabulously Fluffy Latisha G.  srednov TheUncommonBeauty (J.P.) Ny-Esha L RebellePuella curlybean Kia Ross Congrats divas!  Email using ‘CurlyNikki Winner-Cashmere’ as the subject line!  Every morning around 7, I get up and head for the roof to check in with you dolls. Mornting! So the above is day two of my Wash…

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Just Another Brazilian Pictorial

By Curly Nikki 369 Comments

And the winner is…  Chelonthia  email me at with you address! Warning- For those of you that require, I don’t know… a coherent story line or a motif of some sort, this post may not be for you.  I don’t need no hook for this ish! No theme here, just a bunch of random pics- some captioned, others not….

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