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Worldwide - Curly Nikki

Make New Friends- More Brazilian Fun!

By Curly Nikki 72 Comments

On Sunday, Nina invited us to, ‘Zimbauê Celebration & Trançando Idéias’. Uh huh. Yeah. Again, no idea what to expect. So when her and her friend Jane picked us up outside of our condo I asked, ‘where are we going?’, to which she responded, ‘the party, of course!’ How’s that for clarification! Forty five minutes later we rolled down on…

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Feijoada and Street Meat- Brazilian Eats!

By Curly Nikki 38 Comments

Hola chicas! By now, y’all know I love food, especially trying new and exotic ish while on vacay. Last night, at Nina’s recommendation, we had the best restaurant experience to date.  The name- Brasileirinho. The ambiance was dope, the servers were attentive and the host basically gave us a history lesson. After quickly flipping through the menu, the host sold…

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Family Reunion- Meet Your Brazilian Sisters

By Curly Nikki 81 Comments

When Nina (of Estimativa) invited us out to an evening ‘tea party’, I had no preconceived notions, as much of her description of the event and what we were to expect was probably lost in translation. I heard, ‘dress pretty, wear comfortable shoes, you’ll meet some of my friends’. To sum up what became an epic night, I’ll leave you…

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Black hair in Brazil: A Revolution in the Making

By Curly Nikki 14 Comments

by Marques of BlackWomenOfBrazil Gone are days when kinky/curly hair was synonymous with mistreated and laborious hair. Nowadays in Brazil, kinky/curly hair is increasingly associated with self-assertion, self-esteem, behavior and femininity. Mirella Santos Globalization and democratization of the media has greatly increased the speed of information. This is not just a fad, but trends and intervals increasingly shorter. A black…

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Rio Day 3- Here Comes the Sun (More Pics!)

By Curly Nikki 104 Comments

Last night my good friend Melissa FINALLY arrived… first thing out of her mouth- “how do you say, ‘it’s about to go down’ in Portuguese?” She must have brought the sun with her because we hadn’t seen it in days, so we hit the beach! Hubby secured some fresh coconut water…    while Melissa and I opted for Mango Caipirinhas,…

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Welcome to Rio- Partying with a Purpose!

By Curly Nikki 128 Comments

And the winners are… Carla Tiffany A Woods DivaDeb TraciB Lisa Michelle Zaralynette Brooke B. Bobby Congrats divas!  Email using ‘CurlyNikki Winner-Jelly’ as the subject line! Thanks everyone for participating and stay tuned for more ways to win! Hubby and I’ve been grinding nonstop for years- skipped vacations, put college degrees before tropical degrees, birthed a baby, forgone club hoppings…

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A Family That Prays Together…

By Curly Nikki 116 Comments

And the winner is…TiffanyChanee Congrats diva! Email me ASAP at with your address and full name!Thanks to everyone for participating… I’ll be back soon with another one! ******************************* Hola Chicas, I came home to Pensacola to witness my uncle’s ordination and tonight, I did just that. I’m proud to say that he is now Pastor Delarian Pogue III! More…

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Sweet Home Pensacola- Day 3

By Curly Nikki 55 Comments

Yesterday was all about quality time. We kicked it off with a family brunch– ‘I live for the static…’ future Saints player…“these kids wear crowns over here, and everything is alright…”– Drakethe newest addition!- Have you seen that Geico commercial with the little piggy? Boogie was ‘weee weee weee’ing’ all the way down the sidewalk! gifted Leggings- Black Milkgifted Shirt-…

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Sweet Home Pensacola- Day 2 (Updates!)

By Curly Nikki 170 Comments

And the winner is…Momo Get me your address and contact info to ASAP! Congrats! ****************************** Didn’t anticipate this humidity. I mean, yeah, it’s Florida, but it’s the panhandle and last I checked, it was still winter… right? No. Last night my hair was in shock. It was swollen, tangled and talking back… it was all, ‘boo-boo, your efforts are…

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