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September 22, 2023

Dear Black Women, Self love is our Power: 3 simple tips for Self love

What is Self Love? Self love is completely accepting, respecting and loving yourself while treating yourself with kindness, grace and prioritizing your mental, emotional and spiritual health on a daily basis. Not only just through your actions, but also through the thoughts and feelings you feel about yourself and being intentional about maintaining a positive view of who you are.…
dry scalpCurly NikkiFeaturedMotherhoodNatural HairRecent PostsTrending
August 24, 2023

Scalp itchiness: 3 Easy steps to Heal Dry & Itchy scalp

First Postpartum Hair loss, NOW Dry, itchy, Scab Scalp So, girl! Now we have dry scalp, scalp scab and scalp itchiness?! While pregnant our skin is glowing and hair flourishing due to our hormones increasing and then the beauty of our babies being born happens. Next comes postpartum rearing its head and it brings with it Hair loss.There is hair…
Tips for Improving Your Body Image as a WomanTrending
July 27, 2022

Best Tips for Improving Your Body Image as a Woman

Best Tips for Improving Your Body Image as a Woman According to a survey by the Center for Change, as many as 86 percent of women feel dissatisfied with their bodies. Those kinds of numbers can be discouraging to those of us trying to fight our way to better self-esteem. But fear not. You are beautiful, and our tips for…

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