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Curly Nikki

Does The Knot Genie Actually Work?

Instagram: @trayceesimmons by Mary Wolff If you have ever worked through your child’s tangles, you know the scene already. It usually ends with one or both of you close to tears with emotions exhausted and a more than a few tantrums thrown about. While this may be an exaggeration of sorts, the truth is that detangling …

Curly Nikki

5 Best Hairsprays For Natural Hair

Photo: @foreverflawlyss by Mary Wolff As a curly, you know the importance of the right products. When you find a product that works for your hair, you cling to it above all others since it most likely took some trial and error to get to that magical place in your hair care product search. When it …

Curly Nikki

5 Ways To Achieve Softer Coily Hair

Source: @davmd_ by Mary Wolff If you have coils, you know how delicate they can be. They can be more prone to breakage and require special care. Many naturals with this texture wonder if there are ways to soften their strands without taking on damage. Here are the top 5 ways to achieve softer coily hair …

Curly Nikki

Benefits of Oats for Natural Hair

Image: TONL by Mary Wolff If you’re like most naturalistas, you probably use a few natural remedies to get healthy, beautiful hair.  When it comes to using natural remedies, oats are always a popular choice. There are many benefits of oats for natural hair that make them worth considering. Continue Reading One of the biggest …

Curly Nikki

DIY Oatmeal Hair Mask

by Mary Wolff Oatmeal is one of the healthiest things you can eat for breakfast, but it is also great for your hair and scalp. With a DIY oatmeal hair mask, you can address a host of concerns with this simple food you already have in your pantry. Continue Reading Benefits of Oatmeal for Hair  …