Happy Sunday Chicas!

As I was rinsing the henna out of my hair this morning, I had some time to think…a lot of time, lol.

Christmas is in a few days, and many of us are traveling home to see our family and friends. Although these reunions are mostly positive, every now and then we have that one family member that MUST speak his/her mind about our natural hair. Although I’ve been wearing my hair in its natural state for 3 years now, I have one uncle that says the same thing every time I see him- “I’m gonna get you a comb for Christmas…hahahaha- when are you going to do something to that head?!.” I don’t take it personally, but sometimes those statements (i.e. ‘what you gonna do with it?’ ‘why did you cut off all that pretty hair?’ ‘You depressed?’), get OLD. Most of the time, it’s all in gest, and some of their comments may even be well intentioned, but sometimes, it can be hurtful and unfortunately cause us to feel a bit self-conscious.

The question I’m posing today is, what do you say, or do? I’m not a confrontational person, and I’m definitely not the ‘quickest’, when it comes to respectful yet witty comebacks. I always find myself 2 days after the situation thinking, ‘I should’ve said this…or, I could’ve said that.” Not to be bitchy, but we need a way to express ourselves in a way that’ll educate the person, and also show them how ridic and unwanted their comments are.

The MEMBER (members of CurlyNikki.com only) with the wittiest/most clever/to the point comeback will win The Jane Carter Solution Condition and Sculpt, and Revitalizing Leave-in-Conditioner (trial sizes). I received these in my free sample pack a few weeks ago, but I’ve already tried them. You can leave your comments right here, and on Christmas Eve, I’ll pick the winner! As usual, the winner will email me her address, and I’ll drop the goodies in the mail.

Thanks for being a member of CurlyNikki.com!!!