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Curly Nikki


By January 27th, 202110 Comments

-How long have you been natural?
I’ve been perm free since I was 13 or 14,-so, about 10 years- but I didn’t start wearing my hair in it’s naturally curly state until 2005.

-What is your regimen?
I’m always looking for a the ulitmate regimen, but for right now, I shampoo once a week with Giovanni 50/50 shampoo or L’Oreal Vita Vive Pro Hydrating Shampoo. I use the L’Oreal when my hair feels like it has a little build up. When I Co Wash I use Tigi MM. I condition with Devacare One Condition. I love this stuff. I detangle my hair either with my denman or with a wide tooth comb, it just depends on how I feel. I usually leave in a little of the One C and add Giovanni Direct Leave-In as my leave in conditioner. I try to DT with heat once a week. At the moment I’m using Elasta QP DPR-11; I usually mix in a little honey and molasses as well. For styling, it just depends on my mood. Sometimes it’s a curly fro, wash and go, puff, or a bun. Those are usually the extent of my styling.

-What is the one thing you’d tell a newbie to help her on her journey?
I can’t just think of 1 so I’ll give you three. lol. Be patient! The natural journey is not an easy one. It takes time to figure out what works and what doesn’t for your hair. 2, make sure you’re ready to accept and love whatever grows out of your scalp. We all have different textures that are equally beautiful. Just because your hair doesn’t grow out as loose or tight as you expected, doesn’t make it less beautiful. This acception process takes time too. Also, your texture can change over time, so don’t give up too quickly. And 3, DO YOU! Do whatever makes you happy and works for you and your hair. Don’t be afraid of letting other people down, they don’t have to do your hair.

-How do you maintain length?
My hair is very dry and coarse, so it has a tendency to break easily. I try to do protein treatments regularly and trim my ends on a regular basis.

-What’s the best thing about being naturally glamorous?!
That’s easy! The versatility! Being natural, I am not stuck in a box. I can wear my hair so many ways, and my choices are limitless. If I want to have straight hair, all I have to do is pull out my flat iron. If I want my big, fluffy hair, I can have that too. I am not confined to chemicals, processes, or routines by being natural.


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