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Curly Nikki


By January 27th, 202110 Comments

-How long have you been natural?
Most of my life actually. But when I didn’t wear it in it’s natural glamorous big fluffy state much when i was younger. It was usually kiddy styles, braided, or hot combed. I got a perm in high school and HATED it! My hair was breaking off like crazy! I stopped getting perms in 11th grade and babied my hair back to health. Sophomore year of college I cut my near rear-end length hair into a short bob because I was sick of being known as “the girl with all the hair” plus everyone said I wouldn’t! lol. so it’s all natural now and has grown most of the way back in 2 short years.

-What is your regimen?
That’s a great question. lol. Let’s see. I wash with CREAM OF NATURE shampoo (the one with the green label and yellow cap) whenever my hair feels like it needs it. This is usually once every week or week and a half. I deep condition with PANTENE PRO-V RESTORATIVES DEEP CONDITIONING MASK. I leave it in for at least an hour with a plastic cap and a warm towel wrapped around it. I should do this once a week but it’s more like twice a month. With winter here however, I will do much better with this now! I co-wash and detangle with SUAVE HUMECANT CONDITIONER as needed during the week. I love this product. Excellent slip! And I don’t rinse it out. Once out of the shower, after about 10-15 minutes of my hair being wrapped in a towel I run homemade Whipped Shea Butter through my hair from root to ends in small sections. This is about it-I don’t use many stylers unless the hairstyle that comes next calls for it. I may use: GARNEIR FRUCTIS SOFT CURL CREAM, CANTU SHEA BUTTER LEAVE IN ( I have a love-hate relationship with this one), FANTASIA IC CLEAR HAIR GEL, ALOE VERA GEL, MOTIONS FOAMING WRAP LOTION, and/or AUSSIE CATCH THE WAVE MOUSSE + LEAVE IN CONDITIONER. Then I put on a satin scarf and sleep because I usually do my hair at night unless the style is not sleep-on-able. hehe.

-What is the one thing you’d tell a newbie to help her on her journey?
PATIENCE IS KEY! If you try to rush any part of the process it will back fire. The simpler and less harsh your routine is the more your hair will thank you! Get to know yourself and your hair. Look at lots of pictures and try new things. Find what you like and stick to it. WHAT WORKS FOR EVERYONE ELSE WILL NOT NECESSARILY WORK FOR YOU! Love your hair and it will love you back. Once you’ve invited your hair and you two are happily ever after everyone else will be able to tell.

-How do you maintain length?
I do manipulate my hair a lot because my hair style changes on the daily. (Can’t help it. I love fresh and new!) But I also treat my hair like it’s very fragile and could all fall out with a wrong move! Not because I think it will, but this forces me to be gentle with my hair. It’s delicate, like a precious piece of silk. I only detangle in the shower with lots of conditioner and a wide tooth shower comb. Moisture is key! Rich humecants are a must. I swear but shea butter and henna treatments for hair. They work wonders. I had hair way down my back my entire life (until I chopped it into a cute bob sophomore yr of college) so my hair being long doesn’t amaze me. When you stop stretching your hair out everyday to see how much it’s grown you’ll see real growth! I have no idea how long my hair is until I get it flat ironed. It surprises me every time. I go months without checking then one day I straighten and am like wow! So forget about length and concentrate on health! Stretch to see length every few MONTHS not days and you’ll notice real growth. =)

-How do you preserve your curls at night?
After scrunching a bit some sort of leave in (usually whipped shea) and a bit of oil, I wear my hair loose underneath a giant satin scarf (big enough to cover all of my hair) and sleep on a satin pillow case.

-What’s the best thing about being naturally glamorous?!
EVERYTHING! We have the most options with our hair. Braids, twists, twist outs, wash n go, straight, combed out, it’s never ending! It’s big and beautiful and like no other! And the power and beauty of rocking natural, gorgeous curls and spirals is amazing. I love to see other naturals out and about. We look so proud and poised. Each person is unique and this can be seen in our hair. Everyone is different! We should stop wanting everyone else’s hair and appreciate what grows naturally out of our own head! OWN IT. SERVE IT. LOVE IT. Inspire!


  • Unknown says:

    Where can i buy vegetable glycerin?

  • Nicole says:

    Hey Kara Girl!! I knew you recommended this site for a reason!!! It’s great now come over my house and save my hair! thanks!

  • Anonymous says:

    Ok ladies I need help. My friend has started on the road to natural and has been on it for 6 months now. She wants me to go natural with her. I have had a relaxer in my hair most of my life and keep it fairly short for years because it didn’t break when it was short. Well I’m married now and have had it in braids most of my married life and now it fairly long because I didn’t really relax very much. I took the braids out early this year and it was long but thin. Yuck!. Well cut a liitle off and really tried to use healthy products. I have grown my hair out for only 2 months with no perm and I kept looking at that box until I tried Curly niki’s twist and curl. ( I’m not even sure thats what she calls it) and yeay, there is hope. It looks amazing, even with the new growth that I couldn’t stand a day ago. My challange is getting through the awkward 2 years of no relaxers in the very dry, very white, but lovely state of Utah.

  • Unknown says:

    How long can I keep the “whipped shea” stored. Will it spil if I store it for a week.

    I can’t wait to try it thanks!!1

  • Anonymous says:

    does she have a fotki?

  • Anonymous says:

    hi ladies. thanks for the wonderful compliments! hope you tune back into the comments for the recipe!

    My whipped shea is as follows:
    8oz pure yellow unrefined shea butter
    can of coconut milk
    olive oil
    coconut oil
    vegetable glycerin

    I use a hand mixer. put all of the shea butter in a large plastic bowl. add a few large spoonfuls of coconut milk and whip until smooth. add more and more bit by bit mixing after each addition until it’s light and fluffy. add a spoonful or so of each oil and mix again. then add a healthy squeez of glycerin. and voila!

    i am going to substitute aloe vera gel (dietray grade) for coconut milk in my next batch. hopefully i like this even more! i’ll inform nikki if this mix is superior. happy mixing ladies!

  • Anonymous says:

    beautiful woman 🙂

  • Mlle M. says:

    Beautiful hair! And yes, how do you make whipped shea? I was wondering too.

  • Anonymous says:

    yes, please provide the whipped shea recipe..i’ve started to use it on my hair and skin and like it a lot but it’s a bit much to work with…do tell…curlynikki, help us out if you can..thanks!

  • Anonymous says:

    WOWOWOWOW!!!! This girl has curls for DAYS! I love it!! I wonder could she give the recipe on how she makes her “whipped shea”…lol

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