As a token of my appreciation for your continued support and readership, I’m doing a Giveaway…yes, another Giveaway!!!

I’d like to continue to provide readers with useful information, tips, and inspiration. In order to do this, I need you to tell me what you like best about the site, so from now until January 12, 2008, I’m inviting you to to do just that. Please leave your comments below.

A week from today, I’ll pick one winner. The lucky curly will choose between an 8oz tub of 100% Pure Shea Butter, or an 8oz jar of Blended Beauty’s Curl Styling Butter. And as always, I’ll drop the hair goody in the mail at no charge to you 😀

Thanks again,

There is still another CurlyNikki Cleaning Out My Closet Giveaway going on. Click here for details.