I ran across this yesterday on Naturallycurly.com:

From AlkalizeForHealth Toxic Ingredient Directory :
“Cationic surfactants – These chemicals have a positive electrical charge. They contain a quaternary ammonium group and are often called “quats”. These are used in hair conditioners, but originated from the paper and fabric industries as softeners and anti-static agents. In the long run they cause the hair to become dry and brittle. They are synthetic, irritating, allergenic and toxic, and oral intake of them can be lethal.· Stearalkonium chloride · Benzalkonium chloride · Cetrimonium chloride · Cetalkonium chloride · Lauryl dimonium”.

And guess what, DevaCare One Condition, most certainly contains 2 of them!!! SheaMoisture contains one. What’s a curl to do? At some point I have to draw the line, or simply start making my own products. I’ve been using DevaOne for almost a year now with no problems, but this is disturbing, especially the bit about it making hair ‘dry and brittle’ over time. Grrrr….

I’ve decided that I can’t wait to try the Lustrasilk…especially considering this new info, so I’ll be experimenting with it today after a DT. This is so disconcerting! Parabens, sulfates, silicones, quats, mineral oil, alcohols…seriously, where does one draw the line?

Edited to Add: Be sure to read the comments below for updates about this post! I’m not giving up my Deva!!!

Later Gators,