Hide the Denman again….or stand the risk of drastically and quickly reducing my new found volume.

Last night I decided to do my hair for the weekend so I could be all sexy like for Valentine’s 🙂 The obsession I have with the ends of my hair manifests as VERY frequent search and destroys. For the past 6 or so months, I’ve had nearly zero split ends, and only slight breakage here and there. Awesomeness. My main tools during this split free stint were my 10 digits and a wide tooth comb.
When I started going through the ends last night, I found more than 30 splits (baby ones, and some ‘feathery’ ones) and a crap load of single strand knots. Needless to say I was horrified! When I see splits my obsession turns compulsion, and I usually snip off more than needed. So ladies, I cut off about an inch or so of hair last night, and hid the Denman from myself. It makes my hair incredibly smooth and my T&Cs look amazing, but it’s not worth it! I did feel that it was a bit harsh at times, but I felt that since so many natural hair guru’s use it, that it must be okay. I harvested some hair from the brush and found quite a few broken hairs- short and long. It’s back to the old fingers and Jilbere for me. Moral of the story- stick to what works…oh, and don’t brush wet 🙂

Later Gators,

Disclaimer: If wet brushing works for you, by all means continue doing so! But, to my fine strand ladies, please heed this warning!