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Curly Nikki

Prettysunshyne’s Lustrasilk Results

By January 27th, 202114 Comments

Hi Nik,

I finally tried the Lustrasilk! I’m really pleased with my results..I didn’t use the mango and shea one because the grocery store near me didn’t carry it. So I used the one with carrot oil. These pics are like 3 day old hair…I love how full it looks. I re-twisted each night with EVCO (to cut down the frizz). Just wanted to share my results…:o)

Prettysunshyne's Lustrasilk Results
Prettysunshyne's Lustrasilk Results


  • Anonymous says:

    @ soul-serenity: The aloe vera one sounds GOOD! I “slap” mines on as It’s the best 2 bucks I’ve spent in a long time.


  • Anonymous says:

    This is my first comment here at CN, but I just bought some LS, the Aloe Vera one(they were out of Shea and Mango) and so far, I can tell the difference in my conditioning the next time, my hair lays down a little more from me using it as a leave – in. I don’t know how you guys are doing it but I just slap it on right out of the shower and comb it through…a generous amount. And at $2.00 here, I’m going to make my hair love it….lmao!!! Naw, its ok so far, only used it twice, but I could tell the difference when I washed my hair the next time. My twist out was a little more curlier but I don’t know if that was this or the QP Feels Like Silk Gel I also tried….

  • Anonymous says:

    AH! Traci!!!! Believe it or not..back in HS days..I envied ur natural hair..*deep sigh*..LOL. Yes..I’m natural now..about 2 years almost. Best thing I’ve ever done.

    Yes, Nik, thank u for reuniting old friends.


  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve the Lustrasilk shea and olive and It doesn’t do much for me either.I wanna give the Shea Butter and Mango one a try though, maybe that will work better?

  • india henriquez says:

    i just bought it. i’m currently co-washing right now. but how will it feel as a leave in?

  • Anonymous says:

    Whoa small world! I know you from waaaay back, girl. Funny how I get to see you again through a posting on! Well, I see you and your hair are holding up okay. You’re natural now? It’s beautiful either way. Thanks to Miss CurlyNikki for all sorts of great info and support on natural hair care, and reuniting friends apparently, haha.

    I’ve been using lustrasilk as an extra conditioner when I co-wash for the last month, but I haven’t tried it as a leave in yet. Maybe I’ll do it next time I TnC. (^_^)

  • Danni82 says:

    They still don’t sell the Shea Butter and Mango one anywhere near where I live. Good to hear you got these results with the one that contains carrot oil, b/c I find that one everywhere. I’m gonna have to go ahead and try this out.

  • Natakue says:

    anonymous, i used the lustrasilk and it looked good on day one but felt dry the next day. i’m going to try it a few more times with different product combos or styles before i relegate it to only deep treatments.

  • Anonymous says: hair never looks like that after 3 days. Awesome!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Ah! Thanks for posting my results NIK! & Thank u ladies for the kind compliments :o)


  • Anonymous says:

    I’m so jealous! Your hair looks amazing. I don’t think my hair will like LS but congrats to all who have found a new HG. I’ll have to stick with One C, Qhemet Burdock, and shea butter.

  • TrollopCM says:

    I LOVE this product! I get the best bantu knot out with this combined with Qhemet Biologics Burdock root cream.

    This combo makes my hair so soft and lush.

    Thanks Nik for putting me on to this amazing product!

  • Anonymous says:

    Very nice! Unfortunately, I used it twice (shea and olive) with less than steller results. Has anyone else not connected with this product? At least it was under $4.

  • Lteefaw says:

    Oh my…your hair looks great. It looks soft and shiny. Which mean your hair must be health as well.

    Never would have guessed you use a product that cost less than $3 to style your hair. I wish I got those type of results when I used Lustrasilk.

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