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Curly Nikki

3 Things

By January 27th, 202117 Comments

1. I’m currently rocking a head full of Bantu Knots…ouch. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to loosen them up without compromising the knot completely. Oh well. This is my second attempt- I’ll get it eventually. It only took me 40 minutes this time, so I’m happy.

I’m not the kind of person that wears rollers, twists or knots out of the house, but I’ve gotta be fresh for the Hair Show, so alas, I’m rolling out just like this 🙂 We’re hitting the road in a few hours, and meeting my Aunt in ATL tonight. I’ll probably take them down once I get settled in at the hotel. But in the meantime, I’m searching my house for a scarf to hide my head! Vain? Probably. But don’t act like I’m the only one!!

2. I’ll only be attending the show on Saturday. I’ll be there from 10am-7pm, and of course you’ll be able to find me at the After Party, and the After After Party 🙂 Can’t wait to meet ya! If you’ll be purchasing tickets at the door, ask for Bob, and tell him you’re a reader. For those of you that can’t make it, I’ll be documenting the event to the best of my ability…pics, interviews, and commentary.

3. Thanks for the feedback on the new diggs! It started off as an ‘add a few navigational tabs’ project, and turned into what you see now. Thanks for the positive feedback and suggestions!!
The search box is back…your wish is my command 🙂

4. Nuclear green henna powder just ain’t right. Please avoid it all costs. I attempted to mix up a batch of Al-Aroosa henna (the other cheapie brand I purchased) on Wednesday night, only to discover what I believe was dyed powder. Some manufacturers actually dye the powder green in order to make it appear fresh. Gross! I dumped that mess right out…I’ve never seen such a thing! Shocked and appalled.

So, for the record, as far as cheapie hennas go, Al-Aroosa is crap, and Dulhan, even with the sticks and stems, is decent. But that fine sift, silver box Jamila….this ish right here…this here… Amazing! I henna’ed with it after a short hiatus, and remembered why I fell in love in the first place. Great stain, easy application, and it rinsed out like conditioner.

haha, I guess that was 4.

Later Gators,

p.s. a bit or randomness- is it wrong for me to like ‘Knock You Down’ as much as I do?


  • Angelique says:

    the new design caught me by sursprise i live it but its gonna take some getting used too…..and im glad the bantu’s are somewhat working out they have been my only successful style….well neways love ur blog and i finally got mine up (http:/ after alot of motivation from u since i visit it muliple times a day…keep it up!!!!

  • Tee says:

    Wrong for you to like Keri’s “Knock You Down”? Yes. 112’s? No.

    Joking, I like both.

    Definitely trying the Bantu Knots this weekend.

  • Anonymous says:

    Girl, I didn’t even read this entry yet, I just wanted to tell you I LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT! Looks great. Keep up the great work…

  • Maria says:

    OK I need to stop copying everything you do. I am sitting on my bed with a head full of bantu knots. I need to stop twisting and untwisting these damn things (why do you feel so good, hia disease?) and if they look decent I might just send in a picture. Have fun tonight!!!!

  • Tia1 says:

    Hey Nikki,
    When I use to do knots I would do exactly what Natural Leslie said. Worked like a charm.

  • jeniusj says:

    Love the new look!

    As other readers said above, please don’t be shy about wearing the knots out. You will get used to it. In fact, I see the style every now and then in ads. It’s all gravy!

    As for tight knots, try making sure you aren’t starting the double strand twist too close to the scalp. And when you get to the end of the double-strand, and are twisting to get the natural beginning of the bantu knot, make sure you position the beginning of the knot about an inch or more from your scalp, so you won’t struggle to coil the rest of your hair underneath… hope this helps!

  • justicefighter says:

    Love the new layout!

  • Tia says:

    Keri Hilson!!!! She’s the truth…get the album, “In a Perfect World”

    Listen to “Get ya money up” -lol…

    ps: Also, Common- I want you
    The man is just ahh mazing…mazing

  • CurlyTrini says:


    I would never be caught outside with knots in my head…I’m just as vain as you. Some people rock it SO WELL…I’m not one of them so I would find a hoodie and keep it moving…lol!

    I friggin love ‘knock you down’…it’s on repeat on my playlist….lol
    We are so alike twin!!


  • Shelly says:

    Girl…wear those bantu knots with pride. I was re-twisted and bantu knotted my hair last weekend for my evening night. I wore the bantu knots out while shopping for my “fit”. The salesgirl mentioned how the outfit I tried on complimented my hair. I just said thank you and kept it moving. She thought that was my actual hairstyle.

    Besides….you’re fly no matter how your hair looks. Have fun this weekend. Can’t wait to see all the pictures.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki,

    Thanks for everything. I have been transitioning for 14 weeks and I have learned so much from you and the ladies at I emailed you several weeks ago about the local (RTP) lady who sales henna. She called me a week or so ago after she returned from Indian, but I had already done two treatments by then. I couldn’t wait for her to return. I had to try it. I purchased the Karishma brand from a store in Morrisville and I like it a lot. Hope you have fun in ATL!!

  • Bekka says:

    Bantu knots are a cute style to wear out, don’t be shy. I did a Bantu knot out once but got more compliments on the Bantu knots than the knot-out!

  • Anonymous says:

    You can do your bantu knocks with a hairpin, so you won’t need to do them to tight to keep them…

  • SwirlyT says:

    Hey Nikki,

    Why would it be wrong for you to like ‘Knock You Down’? I think it’s a cute song (and I’m 35) – wait…should I be asking the same question??

  • Anonymous says:

    YAYYY!!! SO I can purchase tix at the door!? Awesome! I’ll def ask for Bob and tell him I’m a reader!! Hopefully he’ll still be there around 1pm, b/c I wont be there until then!!


  • Unknown says:

    Hey Nik! When I used to do Bantu knots and they were too tight, I would “unscrew” them the opposite direction from how I twisted. So if I wrapped the knot in a clockwise motion I would take the whole knot and gently screw it back clockwise. I would do this after I finished knotting my whole head depending on which ones felt tight. But, I know my curls are much tighter than yours and maybe it won’t work the same. It might be worth a try!

  • Miss Dior says:

    So I want to use a new blogger template now that I see your new layout. But I need to donate to the site first. I feel it is only fair. I have gotten a lot of ideas and inspiration from your site. Thanks again for all your info, hair and blogger related. I do tell my friends about your site but they are lazy. I love blogs! : )

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