Hola Chicas,

So, at the request of many of you, I decided to give Totally Twisted a go. Boy am I happy I did!

As always, I did a direct comparison with my beloved Hello Hydration. After hopping in the shower and wetting my hair down, I applied Totally Twisted to the left side, and Hello Hydration to the right. I let it marinate for about 10 minutes and then got to work. I’m completely aware that the ingredients are mostly the same, but for some reason, I noticed that the Totally Twisted side felt slipperier (is that a word?!), and definitely smelled better. The tangles (7 days worth)literally melted before my eyes…I was very impressed. Of course, the Hello Hydration side was easy to detangle as well, but I seemed to run into a few more knots. It appears that these conditioners are interchangeable and I will most certainly be partaking in both! By the bye, I only used my fingers to detangle.

Product Description: You’ll find the definition of lush, shiny curls right here. just quench your curls and waves with my curls and waves conditioner with high intensity hydration. my replenishing formula fused with french lavender & jade extracts replaces vital moisture, lays frizz down for sleek spirals and keeps them bouncing freely. now that’s a definition of a good curl.

Ingredients: Pretty much the same as Herbal Essence Hello Hydration, it just has a different, and more pleasing fragrance.

Bottom Line: 2 thumbs up! If you love HH, you must give TT a try πŸ™‚