Hey Nikki,

First of all I love your hair, you’re such an inspiration to me. I tried the Bantu-knot out yesterday. After washing my hair, I moisturized it with Organics Carrot oil creme, and sealed the moisture in with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil . Then, I let it air-dry for a while- after a few hours, I put my damp hair in about 12 Bantu knots.

I used bands to keep them from unraveling. At night, I covered my hair with my satin scarf and in the morning I took them down. Some of my hair in the back was still a little wet, and since I was in a hurry, it ended up a bit frizzy.

I really liked the results, but it wasn’t what I expected…maybe because the back was still wet. I will try this again later this month, allowing for more drying time, and maybe even doing more knots. I will send you some more pictures soon.

Suze from Holland