Curl Cloths are all the rage on the popular hair boards. I’m not a Wash-n-Go’er but for those of you that are, these cloths are worth looking into.

According to the product description, their smooth, flat surface is designed to wick away just the right amount of moisture from your hair ensuring that your favorite curl-friendly styling product properly sets the curl for optimal smoothness, shine and definition.

I received some to try and review a few months ago, and although I’m not using them the way that they’re intended to be used (I use them to pull excess water out prior to henna’ing or deep conditioning), I’m still pretty impressed.

If you’d like to win a free set of Curl Cloths, tell me why you’d like to try one. Leave your comment below, and be sure to include at least your first name. Next Tuesday at 5pm, I’ll pick and announce the winner!

Later Gators,