Preserving Your Sexy...Some More....

Preserving Your Sexy...Some More....
Hola Chicas!

Of all the threads on NaturallyCurly, this is among my fav 5: What Beauty Tip Would You Give Yourself at 25?

One of the most frequent tips offered up was to utilize sunscreen…and all year round! I’ve definitely stepped up my sun protection game since reading this thread, but finding one that is ‘effective’, ‘non-hazardous’, non-whitening (I hate a white film!), and not ridiculously expensive, has been quite the challenge. Trust me.

I started my search on CosmeticDatabase … in an attempt to find the least hazardous one, considering I’d be applying it liberally to my face on a daily basis.

The first one I tried, Badger SPF 30, has a hazard rating of Zero and was reasonably priced at Whole Foods. Unfortunately, it refused to absorb and I was left with a thick white film on my face. No go.

I then tried Olay Complete Defense SPF 30 and Neutrogena’s Healthy Defense…but I’m pretty sure mine had the Helioplex technology. Both were almost perfect… non-greasy, smelled great, moisturizing, but only partially absorbed. If I used too much of the Olay, I was always left with a white haze around my mouth and nose. If you have a lighter skin tone, or are simply ready to experiment with Sunscreens, I would definitely look into these two. I’ll probably re-purchase the Neutrogena this week.

My fav, Olay Complete Spf 15 for Sensitive Skin has a lower SPF, but readily absorbs, leaves my skin soft, and doesn’t cause break-outs. It’s definitely worth looking into! Between this and my 100% pure Shea Butter (which also has some sun protection properties), I should be set for the summer. On serious outdoor days, I’ll probably turn to the Neutrogena. I use my sunscreen in the morn, and the Shea at night before bed.

I hope this gives you gals a starting point. All the products above have hazard ratings of less than 5.

Later Gators,

If you have a favorite sunscreen please leave it in the comments with your review.