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Curly Nikki

Hair Candy Giveaway- Andrea’s Beau

By January 27th, 202120 Comments

Hair Candy Giveaway- Andrea's Beau
Hola Chicas!

If you haven’t yet, you must check out Andrea’s Beau’s online store! They have a vast collection of gorgeous headbands, flowers, and clips to jazz up your natural ‘do!

Are ya’ll ready for another Giveaway?! I thought so :)

Let’s do a show & tell! In the comments section below, leave a link (from your fotki/flikr/photobucket) to your ‘do at it’s best! Also, provide a short description on how you achieved the style.

On July 15th at 5pm, I will randomly select the winner. She will receive a $30 gift certifacte to be used toward anything on the Andrea’s Beau site!

Good luck chicas!


Hair Candy Giveaway- Andrea's Beau


  • Karen says:

    Thank you Alicia!

  • Alicia says:

    Karen, I LOVE your locs!!!!

  • Ashley says:

    To achieve beautiful puff:

    Shampooed with Tui Herbal Shampoo by Carol’s Daughter
    Conditioned with Organic Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner
    Rubbed coconut oil and Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter throughout my hair

    To lay down my edges I used Fantasia IC Styling Gel. I used my fingers and old toothbrush to make sure there was no hair sticking up.
    Used an old stocking to push hair together to create the puff.

    Once in puff:
    I twisted my hair with my fingers with Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding to enhance my curls.
    Tied a scarf around my hair to make sure that my hair was silky and smooth.

  • Michelle says:

    Basically just a twist out. I pre-shampooed my hair with some conditioner. Then I shampooed and conditioned my hair. Then deep conditioned with Lustrasilk's Shea Butter & Mango Cholesterol. Then twisted my hair and then unraveled the next day.

  • mpierrette says:

    I did a co-wash w/ Herbal Essence hello hydration. Then i cornrowed 3/4 of my head towards the front, right-hand corner of my head. I 2 strand twisted the ends and the remaining 1/4 of my head. After the hair dried I twist out w/ the twisted portions.


  • Kinky Rhonnie says:

    Hey Nik,

    This is a link to one of my favorite styles, the afro puff, at it's best.

    To create the style, I:

    dentangle dry with conditioner to section
    apply leave-in
    apply Ohm Sweet hair pudding section by section as I put my hair in medium-sized two-strand twists.

    I let my hair air dry overnight.

    In the morning, I:
    remove the twist
    apply aloe vera gel to the edges, sides, and back using my finger only to smooth my hair down.

    I use a goody ouchless band double twice to create the puff.

    I tie my hair down with a satin scarf to keep the edges smoothed and remove it after about

    At night, I sleep in a satin bonnet to preserve the style and protect my hair.

  • honeisos says:

    I used the Teri method ( , but I use Cantu leave in as combing conditioner and add a bit od elasta qp feels like silk before smoothing . Love the blog !


  • Tai says:

    Mini Twists/Mini Twist-Out.
    Here's what I did: After co-washing and deep treating…spritz with homemade moisturizing spray, use Oyin honey hemp condish as a styler, then apply Aveda Humectant pomade to each twist.

  • SHADOW says:

    LOL Rox! I thought I was the only one who called this styles Chiney/Chinese bumps. When I first got into the internet hair thing, I was like, why are these ladies calling Chiney Bumps Bantu Knots? Ha Ha!

    Boop Boop! LOL! Joking!

  • rox says:

    These are Chiney Bumps (It's Jamaican name) or what I've been reading on these blogs as "Bantu Knots"

    after a pre-poo hot oil treatment, shampoo and deep conditioning of my hair,and with my still damp hair , it is parted into small squares and then each section is twisted onto itself adding a bit of Let's JAM! conditioning gel as i went along. After doing my whole head, it's air dried. It kept this way for a week (so happy) with a silk scarf. The twist-out style that also comes from it lasted me a few days too.

  • Karen says:

    Thank you Chi Chi! :-D

  • SHADOW says:

    I have never entered in one of your contests before, so I guess I'll try it out this time! Hope the link works!

    This is the very 1st attempt at a sock bun with natural hair I did couple of weeks ago. All I did was conditioner wash my hair and detangle as usual, making sure to bring my hair forward and start smoothing upwards from in the shower. Secured with staple Sephora snag free elastic hair tie and smoothed with a combination of 2 parts gel to 1 part oil (turns into a thick pudding like consistency, love it!) and a soft boar bristle brush. Fluffed my curls over the sock bun and gently secured the ends under with another hair tie. Added my 2 favorite hair sticks and was good to go!

  • Rhapsody in PURPLE! says:

    This is a rinsed frohawk twist out. After about three days and rinse my twist out but no, combing and detangling and i put a crap load of condish in it and let it go, and i pin the sides up! fun fun fun

  • luvleelox says:
    After reading advice and product reviews on I used Giovanni 50/50 shampoo, HE Hello Hydration, rinsed in cold water and applied a little ice gel mixed with some castor oil and WA LAH!!!! A world of shiny curls was the result!

  • A. says:

    I'm doing a 3 month curlformer challenge – much like the one you did a while back. I used curlformers throughout my transition – a little lotta body mixed with water and nexxus humectress and the style would last for 4-5 days.

    I tried some of your DevaCurl Set it Free this last time. Loved it. Now that I'm natural – it's a real winner for special occasions.

  • Gigi says:

    I'm IN!!!

    I took this pic last Sunday, the day after my BC!!!!

    To achieve this curl definition and separation I wet my hair while in the shower

    When i get out I drape a towel around my shoulders

    After I'm dressed i spray my hair with Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Leave in condish

    Then squish in Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue

    Last I polish it off with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration condish

    Tie a scarf around my head, and then pus it back past the ears to the crown.

    TA DA!!!!!!

  • Nyla Coils says:

    I am a big fan of the twistout puff with a flower
    This was styled the darcy's botanicals madagascar styling creme.

    The frohawk (with another flower) was styled with KCCC

  • ChiChi says:

    Karen, your hair is the business!

  • ChiChi says:

    I washed/conditoned, applied cupuacu/shea butter mixture, then used Organic Root Stimulator's Lock & Twist gel to two strand/flat twist. I left them in for a little over a week, then pulled apart and fluffed to hang with my girls.

  • Karen says:

    Great contest. Here is my entry:

    Curly Loc Style –

    Picture one:


    Picture two:

    To acheive this style, I use plastic perm rod rollers. I roll 1 or 2 loc's at a time. And let them dry overnight. This is how it turns out (see pictures), if my hair completly dries. If it's still wet when I take the rollers out, the curl is not as tight or uniform. When I take the rollers out, I do it slowly and try to follow the curl pattern so the curls stay tight. This still will usually last for a month. But since I don't use holding spray, my curls will fall into bigger curls over time.

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