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Curly Nikki

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By January 27th, 202114 Comments


  • Anonymous says:

    offandrunning said…

    I think a good topic would be how one learns to embrace their natural hair after being permed for so long. Its an area I am struggling with, I know being natural is in my heart, but Ive been brainwashed….

  • Nika says:

    A good topic would be using hair products to temporarily alter our "Real" hair texture to resemble what people call "good hair" etc. i.e. products such as curly pudding or kinky curly. The topic should focus on why we feel the need to use these products.

  • kinkykeeper says:

    After watching the video recently where a mother is abusing her child through her hair, I couldn't help but notice many of the comments on various sites supporting her and what she was doing as not abuse included the use of the word/idea "tenderheaded" (the concept that some people have tenderer scalps than others). I had already begun to see that many people misuse this word, in my childhood for example I can see now that many people were combing my hair completely incorrectly, (starting at root going to tip, dry, with a narrow tooth comb and yanking directly downwards to rip through knots) and then acting all surprised/angry with me for being "tenderheaded". This pain and my belief I was too tenderheaded for my texture, was a major contributer to my first relaxer. I honestly believed there was no way to detangle my hair without tears and pain.

    Now that I am natural again and have experienced ZERO pain with the proper techniques detangling my hair I now question the concept of tenderheadedness and if it even exists. And if it does exist, I don't believe it does anywhere near the extent or meaning too many people use it. "I am going to comb your naps, curls and kinks any way I want and if you cry you must just be tenderheaded."

    I think more people should let go of the word tenderheaded and that having highly textured hair might always hurt, and instead question how they are detangling the child's hair. What does everyone else think about tenderheadedness?

  • Alicia says:

    I am sure we have all come across these types of people in our time being natural/transitioning. Do you notice some ladies especially black women sadly, rather that compliment your natural/transitioning hair just stare at you, or give you that "what the "H" are you thinking look? Some even have the nerve to comment, "You're brave, I could never do that" as if this isn't what we were born with. It drives me nuts, and yes this has happened to me more than a few times, I am planning to start walking with a billboard on my back and an arrow pointing to my head saying, this is what I was born with, not a perm, lol.

  • Jemmitt says:

    Topic: Do curly girls have more fun? Are you less inhibited than you were with relaxed/straightened/chemically treated hair? I'm not just talking about walking in the rain. How has, or has, natural hair boosted your confidence or helped you try things that you normally would not have thought about?

  • Anonymous says:

    Topic: Natural hair, and the men that LOVE it!


  • Anonymous says:

    Topic: Using hair products to achieve "good hair". Is it wrong for natural who use hair products to make their texture seem curlier/looser?


  • Kweenie says:


    If hair is dead, then why all the fuss about keeping it "healthy"?

  • Unknown says:

    Trimming! I've read so so so many mixed reviews about trimming. As naturals do we still need to and how often? I'm 6 weeks post bc and got my first "trim" today. There went a bunch of my curls. Did I even need that trim? I just grew those curls too!

  • katherinelovescurls says:

    i have one! =D

    people crediting your race for your hair accomplishments and not your hard work. i posted a thread about it on heres the url:

  • Jaye says:

    TOPIC: Do you feel hotter/sexier/more fab with your natural hair? If so, is there a particular style that does it or does it depend on the day, your mood, outfit etc..

  • Layo says:

    Has anyone noticed the influx of "natural", "Organic", etc ingredients in hair products now? Do you think that is just to capitalize on us natural bellas or do you think the hair industry is really taking notice that natural ingredients are better for the hair?

  • joy.242 says:

    Hi it's joy242. I'd love to learn more about home made herbal hair spritzes.

  • Anonymous says:

    i would really like you to talk about Length OBSESSION, have you noticed this? when pepole cut hairs strand by strand in an effort to hold length, keep damaged "crunchy ends", and and actually WANT hair to their asses and beyond, that is disturbing to me. Why this obsession?

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