The beautiful ladies of are singing the praises of a new conditioner– EO. After checking out the (yummy) ingredients, and reading the rave reviews, a PJ run to Whole Foods made it to the top of tomorrow’s ‘to do’ list!

According to the forum members, all of the conditioners in the line are moisturizing and slippery (yay!! thanks to the behentrimonium methosulfate). The two that came most highly recommended are the Rose & Chamomile, and Chamomile & Honey. The thickness and moisurizing properities of the Chamomile and Honey conditioner has been likened to my beloved DevaCare One Condition. I’m all over this one…can’t wait to try it!

You can pick the EO line up at Whole Foods, and apparently TJ MAXX and Marshalls! They double as a leave-in/styler and deep conditioner.

Later Gators,

UPDATE 10/14/2009 (9am):

My PJ is raging this morning! I called WFs and they don’t carry the EO hair products, only the body. I just ordered 2 bottles from Iherb and will make a run by TJ MAXX and Marshalls within the hour, lol. I haven’t done my hair in a minute, and I’d love to try this conditioner tonight. I’ll keep you posted!

Later 🙂

UPDATE #2 10/14/2009 (5pm):

I’ve got a confession to make…my PJism today is scarily reminiscent of how bad it used to be. I’m ashamed to say it, but I’ve officially relapsed…and it feels so good!

In my quest to track down this oh so elusive conditioner, I called 10 stores–3 Whole Foods, 4 TJ Maxx’s, and 3 Marshalls. It sucked so bad–repeating myself to unsuspecting sales folk, being placed on hold for what felt like hours, and receiving the ‘nope…we don’t carry that’ response. Just when my hopes were dashed and spirit crushed, Regina in Whole Body at Durham’s Whole Foods says, ‘Yes…we have EO Rose and Chamomile Conditioner. Would you like me to hold it for you?’ Uh…yeah, lol.

Now, Durham is about a 30 minute ride from my house and to make matters worse, today it is cold, dreary, and rainy. Most people would let this deter them…but not me! I hopped in the car to begin my 25 mile trek, when I called my favorite curly girlfriend Nadeira, to see what she was up to. After hearing the details of my mission, she volunteered to jump on board. Road trip! I immediately called Regina back and told her to put a second bottle on hold!

We got there, secured the goods, and spent another 45 minutes talking ourselves out of other products that managed to sneak their way into our carts. In the end, I walked out of WF with one product–EO Rose and Chamomile Conditioner. I left the Kinky Curly Spritz behind…the old Nik would’ve never done that.

On the way home, I stopped at Walgreens to pick up some Totally Twisted. For some reason, they don’t carry that line, so I grabbed a bottle of Herbal Essence’s Hydralicious (finally right?!). By this time, I’m practically shaking with anticipation to try not one, but two new conditioners!!! Good times…

Fast forward 20 minutes, and I’m in the shower. I loaded up with Hydralicious…the smell is yummy and the consistency and detangling power is very similar to Totally Twisted. No better, no worse. Excellent, excellent conditioner 🙂 I rinsed it all out, and reached for the EO. O M G!

The fragrance is light, pleasant, and clean…very herbal. It’s white in color, and is the consistency of Totally Twisted–not too thick, not too thin. It is so friggin’ slippery! I swear, the stuff literally melted into my hair. I applied it with a heavy hand, and stepped out of the shower. I made 9 twists, set the ends on rods, and here I sit now 🙂

I’ll report back tomorrow with pictures and a full review.

Later Gators,