Ask and receive! You divas demanded FrizzCurls427’s skin reggie, and she happens to be an Oil Cleansing expert. Never heard of Oil Cleansing? You’re not alone! Check it out:

The oil cleansing method is really simple and easy. The method is based on the notion that “oil dissolves oil” because a pimple is an area of the skin that has become inflamed due to the over-production of sebum. Cleansing with pure, unprocessed oils as opposed to cleansers has been proven to be more effective in clearing up acne, blackheads, whiteheads,etc. because cleansers usually contain harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients which dry out the skin as they remove the skins natural oils causing the skin to overcompensate for the what was lost by producing more oil. This leads to the over-production of sebum and the cycle repeats itself the more the cleansers are used.

I believe that you can use any type of natural oil you would like but I use extra virgin olive oil and pure castor oil which are more commonly used in this method. The oils are mixed together in a bottle for easy access and the amounts that you use of each depends on your skin type. Castor oil is known for being a cleansing agent which makes it more drying than olive oil which is very moisturizing as it is a fatty oil so if you have oily skin you want to use more castor oil than olive oil in your mixture and vice versa. All you need is hot water, olive oil, and castor oil. I do the oil cleansing method at night before bed. No reason. Just my preference. Here’s what I do:

  • I take a 5.1 oz plastic bottle and pour one part olive oil to two parts castor oil (my skin is oily). No measuring necessary. Just make sure you have more olive oil than castor oil if your skin tends to be dry and if you have oily skin use more castor oil than olive oil in your mixture. Simple.
  • Once you’ve filled your bottle make sure you secure the top on then shake it up.
  • Next, I pour about a tablespoon or tablespoon and a half of the oil mixture in the palm of my hand. I rub both my palms together with the mixture and then I gently massage my whole face. Note: If you wear foundation/powder you don’t have to wash your face prior to this. When I wear make-up which is either mineral foundation or mineral powder, I just apply the oil to my made-up face. Continue to gently massage your face in a circular motion all around your eyes, nose, forehead, cheeks, etc. You get the point…All over your face…If you wear make-up you will see it start to dissolve easily. I massage the oil into my skin for about a minute (I don’t keep the time. I just estimate 🙂 )
  • Then I take a clean white wet washcloth that has been soaked with or in HOT water and cover my face with the washcloth and hold it on for a few seconds. This “steams” your face by allowing the steam from the hot water in the washcloth to open your pores.
  • I repeat the whole process when I wear make up because I use the first cleansing to remove make up and the second cleansing to make sure my skin is actually clear of any dirt, or residue.
  • Following the oil cleansing and steaming with the washcloth as I like to call it, you can use a natural and gentle cleanser but it is not imperative. And voila! That is it!

I don’t have acne prone skin as of right now, but I have in the past and it was a terrible time for me…I have to admit that the whole ‘oil dissolves oil theory’ makes sense and has proved itself to me time and time again. In the past, I used some of the most expensive, popular acne medications/systems and I found them to be too harsh and made my situation worse. The oil cleansing method does not disappoint me at all! I recommend it for anybody, but as we all know everything ain’t for everybody so it may or may not work for you. I do, however, think it’s worth a try 🙂

I also wanted to add, as I am very honest and thorough when it comes to advice, that I am on Yaz birth control and have noticed a change (for the good) in my skin since starting it. However, if I stray from my oil cleansing method I do notice a breakout here and there as opposed to when I use it regularly. Sooo, I just wanted to make you aware that there can be many factors that play a role in my skin’s clarity besides this method, but it is a huge part of my skincare regimen and I appreciate the kind compliments I received about my skin. Thanks and good luck with the oil cleansing method…Be sure to report back to Nikki on your experiences and I hope that you all have success with it as well!

There you have it folks. FrizzCurls also responded to many questions in the comments section of her interview. Head over there next to get the details 🙂 Later Gators, Nik