Hola Chicas!

I’m a huge fan of green drinks, but since I’m preggers, I’m taking a prenatal. I researched vitamins the same way I did natural hair, and decided that Rainbow Light One (a food based vitamin– some argue that these are better than the ones that contain minerals and vitamins chemically derived in a lab) would be one of the better brands to invest in. My doc said it doesn’t matter in any way, and that Flinstones Chewables would be just as effective, lol. I hate the size and smell of the RL prenatal, but I suppose it’s doing what it should. I like that it contains appropriate amounts of each vitamin and the proper form of vitamin A (Beat-Carotene). I’ve been taking it for nearly 6 months now.

Before I started taking my prenatal, I had a glass of Green Vibrance every morning. It was the only vitamin/supplement that I could ‘feel’ working. It gave me energy and with breakfast, kept me feeling full until lunch. Unfortunately it tastes like swamp butt, and MUST be mixed into apple juice for it to be considered palatable. While vacay’ing in Vegas last year, I had nothing to mix it with except for a bottle of Dasani. I poured the packet in, shook it up, and took a sip. I gagged. It was horrible… not even an acquired taste. I choked half the bottle down and vowed never to be without juice again. Despite the ass taste, I’ll definitely go back to it once the little munchkin arrives.

Prior to Green Vibrance I was an avid user of Trader Joe’s Super Crusade. An independent study was performed (on TJ’s and many other vitamins on the market), and they concluded that it in fact contains all the ingredients the label claims. Good, right? Shame on those folks making supplements out there that are lying to us 🙁 I also love TJ’s because the pill is relatively small (the size of a Tylenol gel capsule), goes down easy, and the price is right!

So chicas, what vitamin is in your medicine cabinet? Have you noticed any changes in your new growth– shinier, fuller, stronger?

Later Gators,

p.s. If you have a hard time remembering to take your vitamin, keep them on your night stand (with a bottle of water of course!). I ALWAYS forget in the morning, and usually at night too, lol. Now that I keep them near the bed, it’s the last thing I see before I go to sleep and it’s super easy to reach over, grab them, and pop one. I never forget now.